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            Home ? The characteristics of the mud balance top pipe:
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            The characteristics of the mud balance top pipe:
            By balancing the positive soil pressure with the knife plate and the top speed, the circulating water pressure is adjusted to balance the groundwater pressure. Fluid transport is used to cut the soil into the silo, and the top entrance process is uninterrupted and the construction speed is fast. There is no need for soil improvement or precipitation treatment, and the surface settlement after construction is small.
            The applicable soil range is relatively wide, and it can also be applied under conditions of high groundwater pressure and large range of changes; The stability of the excavated surface can be effectively maintained, and the disturbance to the soil around the top pipe is relatively small. Therefore, the ground settlement caused by the use of muddy balanced top pipe construction is also relatively small. Compared with other types of top pipes, the total thrust of the mud water top pipe is relatively small, so it is suitable for long-distance top pipes; The operation is also relatively safe. Due to the use of muddy water pipelines to transport abandoned soil, there are no dangerous operations such as hanging soil and moving earthworks, and the labor intensity of workers is low. Since the operation of muddy water delivery of abandoned soil is carried out continuously, the work progress is relatively fast.
            The disadvantage is that the transportation and storage of abandoned soil is relatively difficult and the transportation cost is high. Large operating space and high equipment cost; The larger the diameter, the more muddy water treatment; Due to the complexity of the equipment for the construction of muddy top pipes, once the failure occurs, the operation will be completely stopped.
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