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            Home ? Control of the construction schedule of the top pipe?
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            Control of the construction schedule of the top pipe?
            According to different soil materials, the top tube speed can reach 20 to 200 mm/min. The mud balanced top pipe digger does not need to be shut down to be continuously unearthed in addition to the loading mud pipe, pipe joint, and top iron top ring and is therefore faster than the earth pressure balanced top pipe digger.
            If the soil is shallower and topped in the sand, it is better to use a soil pressure balanced top pipe digger, while the mud balance is easy to "top".
            In general, a small diameter top pipe has a top length of 80 to 150m, which is the best in economic adaptability and is convenient for construction and maintenance; The medium and large top pipes set up a top between relays up to 1000M. The total thrust of the mud water balance top pipe is relatively small, and it is suitable for long-distance top pipe under reasonable grouting.
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